Top 10 Unique Boy & Girl Names for Your Pooch, +100 of the Most Popular Dog Names for 2021

2 chihuahuas: male and female

If you own a dog or any other animal for that matter, you understand how important it is to choose The Right Name. Like with humans, an animal’s name defines who he or she is and lends extra oomph to their innate personality. For instance, the names “Fido” and “Skip” might bring to mind a […]

How to Buy the Right Puppy for You and Your Family

how to buy a dog or a puppy

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, you’re in for years of happiness and a bond unlike any other you’ve experienced. However, in order to ensure the best possible relationship between you and your new pooch, it’s important that you understand what you’re getting into with dog ownership, are prepared for it and that you […]

Things to Consider Before Buying a Puppy

puppies looking at a puppy-toy

So, you’re thinking of buying a puppy? Congratulations! A puppy can bring so much joy to your life and enrich it in so many ways that most new dog owners don’t realize. From being happy to see you first thing when you come home to protecting you from potential dangers, dogs oftentimes provide the unconditional […]

What To Do When the Kids Want a Dog

when your children beg for a dog

It’s inevitable: if you have children, there will come a point in their young lives in which they ask, “Mom, can we get a dog?” While raising a dog may not be anywhere near the top of your to-do list, don’t be so quick to pooh-pooh the idea. While dogs—especially puppies—certainly come with their fair […]

Where Can I Buy Puppies (Near Me) in Connecticut?

dog in glasses looking into PC

Many people feel that buying a puppy or even an adult dog from a breeder is irresponsible as there are plenty of homeless pups out there that need a loving family and are ready for adoption. If you feel like that, just adopt a puppy. At the same time, professional dog breeders are responsible and […]

Why You Should Solve the Dog Poop Problem and How to Do It

how to clean dog poop outside

Being a dog owner is not all about perks and fun. You will be responsible for any damage or dirt that your furry family can do. It may not be a glamorous topic but dog poop is one of the most difficult things that you have to deal as a consequence of having them. The […]

Is It True That Cats Love Their Owners Less Than Dogs Do?

an indipendent cat

A new research study claims that cats love their owners less than dogs but before jumping into any conclusions, it is best to know the facts first. The Ainsworth Strange Situation test The new research study was based on a test developed by Mary Ainsworth in the 1970s. It was intended to identify “secure attachment” […]

The Puppy Teething Experience And How To Help Your Puppy

teeth of a puppy

Dogs and humans have many similarities. While we call a young human being baby, young dogs are called puppies. They grow their baby teeth and eventually lose them the same way humans do. To learn more about your pet’s experiences and how to help them, the following can guide you through the process: Your pet’s […]

10 Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy and Active Indoors

dog on the grass is catching a plate

Winter season, rainy days, snowy days or some regular days at home — these are the times of the year that you need to prepare for activities that can help keep your dog’s energy level high. It takes creativity and ingenuity to organize indoor games and activities that you can share with your pet. Ensure […]