What If I Don’t Like My Dog

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When you finally get that perfect puppy to your home, you get happy and excited. You think about all the times you will spend playing. You start to think about the clothes you will put on your dog. You start to think of the walks you’re going to take with your canine friend. You think of all the days that you’re going to spend training him to do basic commands.

But, what happens if you end up not liking your dog? It is not uncommon for owners to eventually fail to bond with their pet. Sometimes the reason would be that owners cannot keep up with the pup’s behaviors. It is because they chose a dog that does not fit their character. Some pets are too active and hyper and end up damaging homes. Others also have nippy behaviors. This behavior has them biting everyone they meet. There are also dogs that are too lazy and prefer to lie and sleep. There are puppies that are slobbery and make a mess all the time. Some of these reasons contribute to owners eventually hating them.

This does not happen always. If it does though, pup owners often find ways to get rid of their pets. Some owners end up rehoming their dogs. Others would bring them to shelters in hopes of being adopted. In other cases, they abandon their pets altogether. It is sad to know that this happens to many poor, innocent animals.

You hate your dog? It’s okay!

It is neither the dog nor owner’s fault if they cannot get along. There are ways to change that. Efforts should come mostly from the owner. Having a pet is like a commitment. It is necessary to work it out as you will be spending your time with a living being. Puppies actually don’t hate their owners. It just takes a lot of patience to make them understand you. Most dogs are intelligent. Some are easier to train, while other may take time. If they are treated the right way, there is a chance that they can live the way you want them to eventually.

So What Do I Do To Not Hate My Dog?

Getting a pup is a choice. If you get yourself a dog, be always prepared to live through keeping them alive. Just like raising a kid, keeping a pet is just as similar. If time comes that you start hating your dog, there are ways to remedy that feeling. Instead of disposing your furry friend, there are ways to put in to eliminate that feeling. When you finally get through to your dog, you will have a triumphant feeling all over. Below are some suggestions to help eliminate the adverse feelings for your dog.

  1. Make sure that bonding is a priority for the owner and the puppy

As it is mentioned, bonding with your dog is as important as it is necessary. Sometimes, we expect that pets understand us quickly. There are animals that do. However, there are others that may require time and a lot of patience. Eventually, when we lose patience we start resenting our dog and prefer to stay away. One way to remedy that is to spend time one-on-one constantly. Take time to talk to your dog gently, pet your dog and establish a physical bond. Observe your pooche’s behavior at home. Observe what happens when you talk and pet your dog more often. Observe also what happens when you leave them alone. This should be done daily until you and your furry friend get along.

  1. You can opt to take training classes together

Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend our pup’s behavior at home or outside. Taking a training class is a quicker remedy. This is because there are professionals who can help you and your dog get along with each other. These professionals will also help you understand your pet better. Taking a training class would also mean that your dog gets to learn new tricks. It would be fun once you get to show others the tricks your puppy has learned.

  1. Accept and Love Your Dog As They Are, Not Wish For the One You Had

Sometimes when we finally bring that dog home, we always imagined the perfect one. We often imagine for dogs to be like the ones we see in movies. In real life, that rarely ever happens. Because our expectations would never be met, we end up getting disappointing. In the end we start resenting and hating our pet. We start scolding them and beating them for no reason to live up to our ideals. However, scolding or shouting at them will not solve anything. In fact, that behavior would confuse your dog all the more. If that happens, try and look at your pup’s good qualities. There’s always something good in everything. Your dog may have qualities that may not look good to you but look good to others. There’s always a good side to everything.

  1. You can also hire a professional behaviorist

Sometimes, there are qualities in the dog that make it so hard to understand. It can get frustrating and would hinder bonding with your dog. You can hire a certified veterinary behaviorist to determine the problem. You can research for one that would help in drafting a behavior modification program. If necessary, they may also prescribe medication.

Sometimes, we put in a lot of sincere effort to not hate our dogs. But what if it doesn’t work out. Should you decide to rehome your pet, do it responsibly. It is not a suggestion to be taken lightly. But if the need arises, make sure that you place them in shelters that take good care of them. Make sure to keep tabs that your dog has been rehomed properly.

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