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Best Dogs For Country Life

German Shepherd and Rottweiler lying next to each other on a log

Below are a list of dogs that are perfect for people who are living in the country. Labrador Retrievers Labrador Retrievers are considered as the number one dog that is perfect for the country life. They were originally bred for retrievers during hunting excursions. Labrador retrievers are also intelligent as they are loyal to their […]

The Facts: Mixed Breeds, Designer Dogs, And Purebreeds

A dog over a street design backgound

Dogs are man’s best friend. They keep you company and become happy when they see you. There are so many types of dogs. The demand for breeding dogs have increased. Sometimes, it is so hard to determine one from the other. When buying a puppy, it’s sometimes hard to know what kind they are. Still, […]

Which One Is Better: The Golden Retriever or The Labrador Retriever?

Lab playing small ball with 2 Golden Retrievers

Loving family dogs Retrievers are first and foremost loving family dogs. Whether you’ve got a golden or a labrador retriever, both do well in homes and have an endless supply of love to give. Conversely, they also demand to receive huge amounts of love back. Known as water dogs, they are highly intelligent, easy to […]

Cute Dog Breeds

Siberian Husky puppies sleeping on a grass in a row

While puppies are all cute, what are the cutest dog breeds? Seriously, how does one choose just a single dog breed to claim the title of the cutest dog breed? There are so many of them, and mentioning one without mentioning another will just be unfair to these fluffy creatures who are innocent and have […]

Cute Puppy Breeds

Bulldog puppy raises paw up

We all know that there is something absolutely addicting about seeing a little puppy. Their big round beady eyes, that soft fur, the fat cheeks, and the little whimpering sounds that they make are all natural qualities in puppies that make them absolutely irresistible. Though there is no actual competition, we are here to list […]

Which One Is Better: The English Bulldog or The French Bulldog?

French bulldog reaching to tired English bulldog

Here’s the jist. The English bulldog, otherwise known as the British Bulldog is from a different breed and lineage from the French type. English bulldogs are larger than their French cousins and have folded or rose-shaped ears whereas French versions have large upright and pointed ears. French bulldogs are often described as wonderful friends that […]

Smart Dogs Are the Best Dogs. So, Which Are the Smartest?

Retrievers are among smartest dogs breed

There’s something to be said for a dog that can not only be trained to fetch, sit, shake and stand but that can also be trained to hunt, herd and herald. Okay, maybe training dog to do each of those latter three things is a bit over the top and unnecessary in today’s day and […]