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english bulldog puppyThe English Bulldog is one of the most beloved companion dogs today, and for good reason! With a sweet and gentle demeanor, there isn’t a mean bone in this breed’s body. However, interestingly enough, the bulldog was originally bred to be a bull baiter. However, when the sport was outlawed in 1835 thanks to the Cruelty to Animals Act, the American Kennel Club quickly dubbed the bulldog a “non-sporting dog,” and thus began its long run of being a beloved companion dog. Though they’re not the brightest dogs in the world compared to some other highly intelligent breeds, the English Bulldog is fairly easy to train so long as you make their training reward based. Additionally, the bulldog is known for being a people pleaser; so long as you establish a loving relationship with your pup, you should have no problem getting him to do what you ask.


Like with all breeds, the bulldog isn’t for everyone. However, he is the perfect breed for families looking for a (relatively) low maintenance, eager-to-please and playful pal for their little ones.


If you are considering buying an English Bulldog puppy, read on to make sure that the bulldog is really the best breed for you.


The English Bulldog Temperament

Before you shop English Bulldog puppies for sale, make sure that their temperament is in line with what you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for a guard dog, this breed is not well-suited to your needs. However, if you are looking for a loving and cuddly puppy, a bulldog is right up your alley. Most bulldogs, including an English Bulldog Pitbull mix, French English Bulldog mix, English Bulldog Beagle mix and any other mix you can think of, have the temperament of a straight up sweetheart. While the breed does have courage left over from its bull and bear baiting days, it really is just a loving companion at heart. He is social, agreeable with guests and excellent with kids. He typically does well with other family pets too, so long as he is properly introduced.

As for the English Bulldog puppy’s character: expect nothing less than an affectionate, gentle, somewhat intelligent, sensitive, fearless and uncomplicated ball of pooch. Additionally, don’t be fooled by your pup’s scowling face, as this breed is known for its loyalty and happy-go-lucky attitude.

Watch out though: if your puppy feels neglected in anyway, he will misbehave, so look for signs of acting out as it may indicate that you’re doing something wrong.

Activity Level and Training

English BulldogIf you are a relatively non-active person—meaning, you prefer wining and dining over hiking the trails of a national forest—the bulldog might be just the ideal pup for you. Not only will your new pal be happy to lounge around with you all day, but also, many public places allow bulldogs on their premises. This is because a bulldog will be happy to sit with their jowls on your feet while you eat and socialize, unlike bigger and more active dogs, which are typically on high alert for everything from strangers to squirrels.

That being said, you still need to take your pup for regular walks in order to keep his weight down. English bulldogs tend to pack on the weight, and while they are generally muscular dogs, without adequate exercise, that muscle can quickly turn to fat.

As for training your English: don’t expect him to learn too complicated of tasks, but with the right training (and treats, as mentioned above), you can get him to perform simple duties such as fetching his ball, rolling over or even shaking your hand. However, you need to be consistent with this breed, as they are fairly stubborn when they want to be.

Potential Health Problems

Though the English Bulldog and its sister breeds come with many advantages, one of the greatest pitfalls of owning a bulldog is its health risks. A bulldog can break your heart if not properly cared for. Though you can count on your bulldog to live a full life of 8 to 12 years, that time can be much shorter if your bulldog develops a serious health issue and it is not properly treated by your vet. Some common issues with this breed include Entropin, Dysplasia and Cherry Eye. They are also at risk for weight gain and subsequent health problems, so it is extremely important to keep your dog on a healthy diet and to ensure that he gets the proper amount of exercise.

Preferred Environment

Though bulldogs are agreeable in noisy and chaotic environments, they tend to suffer in extreme weather, such as extreme hot or cold. For this reason, if you live in a place with extreme temperatures, it is imperative that you have an indoor environment in which he can stay warm and/or cool until the severe weather passes. Also, it cannot be stressed enough: bulldogs are people puppies, and as such, prefer to have company at all times. If you anticipate long periods of time in which your pup will be left alone, it may not be fair, at this point in your life, to adopt a bulldog puppy into your family. Only purchase an English Bulldog if you intend to be there for them for a majority of their days.


Bulldog puppies and bulldog dogs aren’t extreme shedders, but they do shed a couple of times a week. To prevent build up on either your dog or your carpets, brush him once or twice a week with a firm brush.

Another thing to consider is their drool. This breed is a huge drooler, so if you can’t handle saliva, it may not be the best breed for you. Your pup’s drool will have to be wiped of their face several times a day to ensure that the wrinkles of their skin don’t become irritated or infected. It is recommended that their wrinkles be thoroughly cleaned a few times a week, just to avoid irritations. Pay special attention to your dog’s eyes as well, as bulldogs tend to have watery eyes, which can also cause irritations and infections both on the surrounding skin and in the eye itself.

Finally, as with all dog breeds, be sure to brush your bulldog puppy’s teeth at least twice a week to prevent tartar or plaque build up, or even canine gingivitis.


When your bulldog is just a puppy, feed him four times a day to ensure that he grows big and strong. However, you’ll want to taper that down to just two meals a day as he grows older so that he doesn’t put on excess weight. However, it is always best to consult with your vet about what type of food and how much your dog should be eating to maintain optimal health.

It is important to note that bulldogs are messy eaters, so set up a feeding station in the kitchen or some other room of your home with easy-to-clean floors.

Parasite Control

As with all dogs, you want to get your new pup on parasite prevention medication as early in their life as possible. Talk to you vet about worming, as worming kills all internal parasites, including heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and other dangerous louse.

Ask your vet about topical external parasite treatments to prevent fleas, ticks and mites from pestering your pup. Not only do these parasites make dogs uncomfortable, but also, many carry infectious diseases that could negatively impact your pup’s long-term health.

Living With Your English Bulldog Puppy

English bulldog puppies are some of the best companion dogs available. They are loyal, loveable and low-maintenance, the perfect pet for families with small children and households that have frequent guests. Though they can be stubborn to train, once a habit is formed, it will stay with them for the rest of their life. With that being said, if you are looking for a dog to sit, stay and beg for treats, look no further than the English Bulldog and other related breeds.

Work With a Breeder Like CT Breeder

At CT Breeder, we have several different types of English Bulldog puppies for sale, including:


  • Miniature
  • Small
  • Medium


  • Blue (including tri blue)
  • Black (including black tri and black seal)
  • White (including pure white)
  • Tri color
  • Gray
  • Black & Tan
  • Lilac


  • English Bulldog Pitbull mix
  • English Bulldog Pug mix
  • English Bulldog Boxer mix
  • French English Bulldog mix
  • English Bulldog Beagle mix
  • English Bulldog Boston Terrier mix

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