Best Dogs for City Life

Small dog - ideal for town life

When you’re living in a big city like Connecticut, it can be especially difficult to find a dog that can adjust to urban living. Most dog breeds do better in wide, open spaces, like in the country. Not all dogs are suitable for small, cramped spaces. Often, many people think that small dogs are only able […]

The Most Popular Dog Names in Connecticut

dog bowls with names

2 of the most popular dog names in the state of CT: Bella It is important to analyze the kind of character a name possesses. You can’t name your dog with a regal name when your dog is mischievous. On the other hand, don’t name your dog with a mischievous name when your dog has […]

What If I Don’t Like My Dog

Woman holding her dog's paw

When you finally get that perfect puppy to your home, you get happy and excited. You think about all the times you will spend playing. You start to think about the clothes you will put on your dog. You start to think of the walks you’re going to take with your canine friend. You think […]

Best Dogs For Country Life

German Shepherd and Rottweiler lying next to each other on a log

Below are a list of dogs that are perfect for people who are living in the country. Labrador Retrievers Labrador Retrievers are considered as the number one dog that is perfect for the country life. They were originally bred for retrievers during hunting excursions. Labrador retrievers are also intelligent as they are loyal to their […]

Tips For Getting A New Dog

Continental Bulldog on the floor

It is not easy to get over the heartbreak when your dog dies. No, the feeling does not go away quickly and easily. Even if you have a lot of dogs at home, a death of one dog is a sad thing to happen. It is worse if you only have one dog. Losing a […]

The Facts: Mixed Breeds, Designer Dogs, And Purebreeds

A dog over a street design backgound

Dogs are man’s best friend. They keep you company and become happy when they see you. There are so many types of dogs. The demand for breeding dogs have increased. Sometimes, it is so hard to determine one from the other. When buying a puppy, it’s sometimes hard to know what kind they are. Still, […]

Difference between a Silky and Yorkie

a Yorkie and a Silky Terrier in black and white

There are many differences between a Yorkie and a Silky Terrier. I learned that ignoring the breed of the dog could cause you trouble. I can’t share with you the exact details of what I experienced, but let me just tell you some of the differences on the weight, the size, features and other details […]

Dog Training For Kids

Woman helps her children with dog training and care

A well trained dog is a happy dog Dog training is vital in any dog’s life. A dog that receives training is a well stimulated dog and is healthier as well. A dog that undergoes regular training gets to not only exercise his mind through commands that teach him how to be the best that […]

How To Make A Dog Like You

How to Get a Dog to Like You

Choosing man’s best friend may be easy, but how do you become his best friend too? Dogs are often thought of to be animals that you can pick up at any pet store for you to bring home and will live and breathe for you for the rest of time. It is a common misconception […]

Which One Is Better: The Golden Retriever or The Labrador Retriever?

Lab playing small ball with 2 Golden Retrievers

Loving family dogs Retrievers are first and foremost loving family dogs. Whether you’ve got a golden or a labrador retriever, both do well in homes and have an endless supply of love to give. Conversely, they also demand to receive huge amounts of love back. Known as water dogs, they are highly intelligent, easy to […]