10 Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy and Active Indoors

dog on the grass is catching a plate

Winter season, rainy days, snowy days or some regular days at home — these are the times of the year that you need to prepare for activities that can help keep your dog’s energy level high. It takes creativity and ingenuity to organize indoor games and activities that you can share with your pet. Ensure there is enough space to run around as your dog flexes his muscles to the exercises and games that you can play together.

Here are a few ways to help increase your dog’s stamina and endurance as you and him go through these activities. They can help both of you become healthy and strong. These activities will improve your bonding moments with your pet. However, if he has movement issues, feel free to modify the strenuous ones. The most important thing is you and your dog will have fun together. It may not be easy to keep him busy inside your home but there is a way to keep him active indoors.

How to Train Your Dog Indoors

When teaching your dog a new trick or game, always remember to show a positive attitude as you reinforce learning. Be patient and don’t force him to do what you want right away. Start slow and never rush him. Train him for 15 minutes at a time, nothing more. Smile and pet him to show a positive note. Your dog may not understand what you say but he knows when you are mad just by the tone of your voice. Be calm and always have patience. Never show any signs of being frustrated because he doesn’t meet your expectations. Patience and love are the keys.

Here are ten ways to keep your dog busy and active indoors:

  1. Tug o’ Toy. Play Tug of War with your dog using a rope or a soft toy. Teach him or her to understand the words that mean letting go of the rope or toy such as “release” or “drop”. Make sure he or she doesn’t bite your clothing or your hand during the game otherwise you need to end the game.
  2. Hide and Seek. This game is perfect during rainy and snowy days. It helps develop and increase your pet’s sense of smell in a way that is rewarding and fun. You start by teaching him or her to hide as you go to the other room and give him signals to show that you are searching for him. Once found, you pet and reward him with his favorite treat.
  3. Sit Down Stay Up. This game is similar to Simon Says wherein you can command your dog to Sit down! or Stay… then Get up! This is a good way to exercise and move his muscles at home. Give him a reward and recognize his efforts after each set.
  4. Play Fetch. Ask your dog to get something for you but make sure you teach him properly to identify the things. A big space is a good place to play this game. Ask him to fetch almost anything from toys to balls. To add to its complexity, you can have the items up the stairs so that it will be a good chance for him to workout.
  5. Buddy Playdate. Find another dog to play with him on a Saturday or Sunday night. Let him enjoy playing with a friend and allow them to have fun with the usual games that you give him or just let them be together.
  6. Obedience Training. Teach both young and old animals new tricks and train them to obey at your commands. It will be enjoyable to teach new things and to see him become active and have fun.
  7. Spin that Doggy. Spinning is a game that can be taught at an early age but it takes patience and time to help them master this skill. To train your dog, engage him by associating tricks using a hand signal to make him sit. Hold a treat and put it above his nose and as you move the treat in a big circle, he should be able to follow your hand.
  8. Indoor Ball Games. Ball games are not only for outdoor activities. If you have a spacious living room, you can play ball with your pet and give him the chance to run around, catch and play ball with you.
  9. Obstacle Course. Create an indoor obstacle course so that your dog enjoy following through it. Let him jump over towels, play with balls, and then lay down. You can start with a few steps then add more. This activity can keep him mentally stimulated and focused.
  10. Relax together. After every game, you can spend time together with your dog, massage him, pet him or hug him. Show affection and relax together. Your dog will show his happiness as he wags his tail and play with you in any way.

Keep your pet active during seasons that are not good for going out. You can help maintain his good health as he keeps himself actively working out with you.

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