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The Most Popular Dog Names in Connecticut

dog bowls with names

2 of the most popular dog names in the state of CT: Bella It is important to analyze the kind of character a name possesses. You can’t name your dog with a regal name when your dog is mischievous. On the other hand, don’t name your dog with a mischievous name when your dog has […]

Tips For Getting A New Dog

Continental Bulldog on the floor

It is not easy to get over the heartbreak when your dog dies. No, the feeling does not go away quickly and easily. Even if you have a lot of dogs at home, a death of one dog is a sad thing to happen. It is worse if you only have one dog. Losing a […]

How To Make A Dog Like You

How to Get a Dog to Like You

Choosing man’s best friend may be easy, but how do you become his best friend too? Dogs are often thought of to be animals that you can pick up at any pet store for you to bring home and will live and breathe for you for the rest of time. It is a common misconception […]

Tips for Surviving your First Nights With a New Puppy

puppy yawning in a white blanket

Adopting a new puppy is an exciting milestone for most people, one filled with joy, anticipation and yes, a little bit of fear. Bringing home a new puppy is a huge responsibility, one that most people cannot fully prepare for until they live it. This is mostly due to two things: 1) most new puppy […]

When to Start Training a Puppy

woman training a puppy outdoors

Traditionally, dog trainers have suggested putting off formal training until 6 months of age, but as of late, studies reveal that waiting that long can be detrimental to your efforts. As soon as puppies can lift their heads and walk on their legs, they begin to learn from every experience they go through. Putting off […]

Top 10 Unique Boy & Girl Names for Your Pooch, +100 of the Most Popular Dog Names for 2021

2 chihuahuas: male and female

If you own a dog or any other animal for that matter, you understand how important it is to choose The Right Name. Like with humans, an animal’s name defines who he or she is and lends extra oomph to their innate personality. For instance, the names “Fido” and “Skip” might bring to mind a […]

How to Buy a Puppy Responsibly

how to buy a dog or a puppy

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, you’re in for years of happiness and a bond unlike any other you’ve experienced. However, in order to ensure the best possible relationship between you and your new pooch, it’s important that you understand what you’re getting into with dog ownership, are prepared for it and that you […]

What to Do When Your Child Wants a Dog

when your children beg for a dog

Jump straight to the Best Breeds for Children if that’s what you were expecting here 🙂 It’s inevitable: if you have children, there will come a point in their young lives in which they ask, “Mom, can we get a dog?” While raising a dog may not be anywhere near the top of your to-do […]

Dog Poop Clean Up: How and Why

how to clean dog poop outside

Being a dog owner is not all about perks and fun. You will be responsible for any damage or dirt that your furry family can do. It may not be a glamorous topic but dog poop is one of the most difficult things that you have to deal as a consequence of having them. The […]

How to Help a Teething Puppy and Their Teething Process

teeth of a puppy

Dogs and humans have many similarities. While we call a young human being baby, young dogs are called puppies. They grow their baby teeth and eventually lose them the same way humans do. To learn more about your pet’s experiences and how to help them, the following can guide you through the process or jump […]