Tips For Getting A New Dog

Continental Bulldog on the floor

It is not easy to get over the heartbreak when your dog dies. No, the feeling does not go away quickly and easily. Even if you have a lot of dogs at home, a death of one dog is a sad thing to happen. It is worse if you only have one dog. Losing a dog is already close to losing a loved one.

Death of dogs can mean differently. Some of them die naturally because of old age. Others die young because of disease or sickness caused by their surroundings. When this happens, a lot of questions form on your head. Questions like, how long will it take for me to get a new dog? Should it be the same breed as the last one? Am I ready to have a new dog after the pain of losing one?

The time in getting the dog depends on the person. Some people would get one immediately because they always need a canine companion. Other people would take weeks or months to get a new one. Others would prefer not to go through the experience and avoid dogs altogether.

Before getting a new dog, here are a few things to consider to make the transition easier.

  1. Honor your dog’s memory.

It’s okay to be sad for the death of your dog. It’s okay to give yourself time to grieve and remember the good times that you shared. It is a normal feeling to be heartbroken when losing a loved one and giving yourself ample time to get past the feeling. This would make the heaviness of the memory of your last dog easier to process so you can move on with the next one.

Make sure that these feelings do not control your life.

  1. Be Considerate to Other Pets at home.

If you only lost one dog, it should not be difficult to get a new one. However, if you are living with more than one pet, consider their feelings, too. Pets can grieve especially if they were close. They may feel lonely and sad without their friend. They also may not understand why there’s a new dog in their life. Give them time to grieve. Once you’ve brought home a new pet, try not to force them together if they are not ready. This usually causes a lot of problems. Give them time to adjust to a new addition in their home. Monitor their behavior daily and weekly and watch out for progress. Your pets may warm up to the new pet in the family eventually.

  1. Be Considerate about Your Household’s Feelings

If you’re the only one living at home, the easier it is to move on from the pain. However, if you are living with others, also try to consider their feelings. They might not be ready to share their life with a new one as they might still be grieving over the last one.

Always consult the people in your life. Set a meeting with them first and let them know of your decision to get a new dog. If they all agree to it, then great! If they don’t agree to it, give them time to process their grief as well.

Even with a new dog at home, your beloved old friend will never replace the memory in your heart. However, there’s always room for new memories with your new pet. It’s all a matter of dealing with the grief. Accepting the fact that every living thing dies is important as well. Deciding whether getting a new one or preferring not to go through the pain again is a choice anyone can make.


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