How To Make A Dog Like You

How to Get a Dog to Like You

Choosing man’s best friend may be easy, but how do you become his best friend too?

Dogs are often thought of to be animals that you can pick up at any pet store for you to bring home and will live and breathe for you for the rest of time. It is a common misconception and many new dog owners are quickly discouraged if after 3 days the love they had envisioned hasn’t manifested yet. What people forget, is that developing a long lasting and loving relationship takes time. These animals are not programmable robots that can be switched on and off to be exactly who you want them to be. Trust, respect, and love are born out of experience from their relationship with their owners and families.

All of these dreams are possible, and there are a number of practices that we can continue in order to build that relationship, but it is only fair to your pet for us to realize and acknowledge that they are not pets who were purchased at an unconditional love pet store that was dusted with magic.

For the most part, it takes months, and even years, for a man and a dog to build their friendship that is truly deserving of the title of being each other’s best friends.

Nurturing Relationship with Your New Puppy

Here are some words of advice on how you can raise you furry family in order to be sure that they will like, and love you.

  1. Allowing him his own space.

Yes, as shocking as that may sound, your new pup will need his own space. You may have the kindest heart, the sweetest voice, and the best intentions, but being adopted can be a very difficult thing for them to go through.

They will at first feel out of place and that will stress them out. They are going to need some time in order to start to feel safe and comfortable. But here are a couple of tips in order to give them what they need.

Give him a space in a place like the corner of the living room. By placing him there, he will be able to see the activity in the room and will be able to approach you in case he is curious and starting to explore. Offer him a bed and some toys to chew on. Also, make sure to treat that space as his own by not allowing your kids into that area while he’s there.

  1. Protect your furry family.

We often view our dogs as animals that will bite the hand that attacks the master. Some of our dogs are large and look sinister and will scare off even the biggest muscle man at your local gym, but it is also important to remember that you are your pet’s only advocate and defender. If you don’t stand up for him or her, no one will.

Particularly as the owner of a shiny new puppy, that everyone will want to touch and pet, your furry loved one may be uncomfortable with having so many hands on him doing things that they are not secure about. So it is your job to inform those around you that he prefers not being smothered and that it takes time before he becomes okay with it. They’ll understand.

Another way to protect them is to literally step in between him and whatever it is that is making him feel scared. It may be another dog, cat, or even a person. Being physically present and in the way shows them that you are there to defend him and keep him safe.


  1. Comfort your furry loved one when he is afraid.

There is a myth that states that pet owners should not pet their dogs when a loud startling noise makes them jump to their feet and cower away. This is not true, and how this thinking became so popular, but it is not a lesson that one should pass on to future dog owners.

In fact, it is helpful and reassuring, to puppies especially, to know that you are there for him and that everything is okay. Soon, your pet will turn to you when questioning something he is unsure of and that will then lead to them trusting you and counting on you to teach him that some noises are not to be bothered with.


  1. Discover what they like and do that often.

We may be the masters of our pets, but that doesn’t mean that we are unable to adapt and listen to what they tell us they like doing. Besides, you will find that what your furry family enjoys doing is something that you too could enjoy doing and having that fun together will create a bond in the both of you that will last a lifetime.

Take for example your dog enjoys playing catch, but you enjoy watching movies or tv series on the couch. You could build the foundation of your relationship with your dog by simply turning off the tv and tossing his rope bone across the room and having him go get it and bring it back to you. If you could do this with your dog all the time, it would be even better and your dog will start to think of you in more positive ways opposed to had you not played catch with him for all those hours.

With an open mind you could probably even meet in the middle and find creative ways for you to enjoy what you like doing while being able to continue pleasing your dog with what he likes doing.


  1. Don’t just hear with your ears, listen to him too.

People tend to think that their pets are misbehaving or are poor at following directions when they ask their dog to do something but the dog chooses not to. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Think about it, if you ask a friend to do something for you but they choose not to, does that make them bad friends? Of course not. There are a million possibilities as to why they have chosen to not do as you say. Perhaps they’re feeling ill, are in the middle of something else, or maybe doesn’t even understand what it is you’re asking.

So if you ask your pet to come to you or do a trick that you want to show your friends, but get ignored, listen to them and you’ll soon find out what it is that’s keeping him. He might be sniffing something that is fascinating him, or playing with other animals and is not ready to end their game yet.

By doing this, you are showing your dog that you also care about his wants and needs and are willing to wait and be patient, the same way you want your dog to be patient when he wants something from you but you are not able to do it right away.


  1. Let her sleep in the room with you.

This is particularly important for dogs that you have just bought or adopted. They have not had their own home, they don’t know who you are, they are unfamiliar with their new surroundings, they have no idea what all the noises are outside your door, plus are left alone for a period of time that they cannot compute and don’t even know if you’re ever coming back.

Letting your dog sleep in the room with you reassures her and gives her a sense of peace and security by knowing that you, the person that brought her to this new house, is there for her and will not let her feel so scared or insecure.


  1. Be there for her.

It’s one thing to be around and another thing to be present. Gaining your pet’s respect and attention is developed through committing yourself to the situation and not merely going through the motions of what they may be asking for.

So if it’s playtime with your new puppy, keep yourself away from the distractions of the world around you and play with her. This will create the bond that you are looking for in your new pet.


  1. The family that walks together stays together.

It is not enough to merely take your furry loved one out in order for him to do his business. No. You have to take your time, allow your pet to explore the things that make him curious. It is very reassuring for them that you explore with him, rather than just hold the leash and make sure that he doesn’t run away.

Walking together is an easy way to spend loads of time together and it is also here that you will learn about each other’s personalities which in the end will create your love for one another.

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