Dog Poop Clean Up: How and Why

how to clean dog poop outside

Being a dog owner is not all about perks and fun. You will be responsible for any damage or dirt that your furry family can do. It may not be a glamorous topic but dog poop is one of the most difficult things that you have to deal as a consequence of having them. The average dog excretes waste daily for at most three times and it is very important that these piles be disposed of properly.

Creative Ways to Remove Your Loved One’s Poop

Despite thousands of years learning about our favorite furry friend and how to take care of them, there have been no success in inventing or training a dog who can clean their own poop. As a response, many businesses and individual owners have invented various solutions in making this odious task an easier job to do.

  1. The best way to clean poop is to use a plastic bag. Any plastic bag will do but alternatively, you can find some bags specifically designed to deal with dog waste. In addition, they are biodegradable and some of them are scented which gives us more reason to buy them. The only downside with using a plastic bag is that you can almost feel the poop as you scoop it. If this makes you squeamish or this method may not be applicable to you because you have trouble bending, this leads us to the next method, the scooper.
  2. Buy yourself a scooper for your dog’s waste. Find one that is sturdy enough to be held in one hand while you use the other hand to walk your animal. Some scoopers can have a plastic bag tied to its end so this would prove to be much easier and more convenient to use. A pooper scooper is nice and more sanitary but it will not be useful for soft or moist poops.
  3. It may be simpler to just scoop the poop and flush it down the toilet. However, this method is banned in many towns and cities so do your research. If ever it is allowed, find those flushable poop bags that can break down when it is flushed otherwise you will have a plumbing problem. A caveat to this method is that these flushable poop bags are expensive consider this factor before you decide on using this solution.
  4. It is nasty to pick up your loved one’s poop so why not consider a doggy drain which can lead directly to the sewer? With this method, you won’t ever need to scoop the dog waste ever.
  5. Freeze sprays can be helpful in cooling the poop down so that it is less disgusting to remove. However, this is not effective on watery poop.
  6. Get a potty box. It is a great idea for old dogs who can hardly walk up and down the deck stairs or for pups who stay at home all the time.It is nice but most of these potty boxes contain artificial stuff and most people don’t like cleaning them for reuse. It would be better if they are made up of disposable boxes with real grass as it is easier to throw them away, but this method is hardly possible all the time, too.


Important Reasons Why You Should Clean up Your Pet’s Poop

You should clean up your puppy’s mess because it is your responsibility as an owner. However, this is not the only reason why you should do it. Here are other factors to be considered and you should know them, too:

  1. It is an act of respect. As an owner, you have the obligation to keep your dog’s poop away because it is unpleasant to find them anywhere messing up on a piece of grass or on the pathway ready for the passers to step on and bring with them wherever they go. It is not right not to clean your dog’s waste.
  2. Disease control. This is a very important thing to remember. Your loved one’s waste can transmit serious diseases such as roundworms, salmonella and E-coli. So, if you want to keep your family and the neighborhood healthy and away from diseases, clear up your animal’s waste as soon as they are in.
  3. Reduce flies. Flies and other insects enjoy eating on feces and if you keep them in the open area, they will thrive on them resulting in higher chances of multiplying because the dirty piles are good spaces for these insects to lay their eggs. Clearing up your pet’s feces can help reduce these insects’ existence.
  4. Cleaner and useable area. Children need a bigger space to run around and play with each other or with their toys. Likewise, adults need space to do their things. It wouldn’t be wise if you don’t watch on your pet’s waste and someone inadvertently step on it because you never cared to scoop it. It is embarrassing  when someone gets “victimized” by your furry loved one’s waste so try to avoid it at all times.
  5. Follow the law. Many cities and towns require pet owners to clean up their pet’s waste otherwise you could be levied with fines. So, if you want to keep your wallet intact, follow the ordinances in your area.


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It Is Part of Owning a Pet!

Picking up your pet’s waste can be “messy” but it is definitely a part of the life of a dog owner so before you decide on taking this path, ensure that you are ready to take the responsibilities that go with it. You opted yourself to the perks of owning these cute little pups and that includes submitting yourself to cleaning their waste.

Fortunately, there are various cleaning methods that you can use to solve the problem and make the ordeal an easier one to deal with. It may not be fun but the good side is, there are dog waste cleaning tools in the market that can help make the task easier and simpler. Cleaning your furry loved one’s feces is not that bad after all. CTBreeder can help you make life easier. Contact them at or by calling (203) 487-5718.

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