Difference between a Silky and Yorkie

a Yorkie and a Silky Terrier in black and white

There are many differences between a Yorkie and a Silky Terrier. I learned that ignoring the breed of the dog could cause you trouble. I can’t share with you the exact details of what I experienced, but let me just tell you some of the differences on the weight, the size, features and other details that I learned from my research about the two dogs. Here are some of them:

Size and Weight

The weight of the two dogs has a huge difference. Silkies are basically bigger compared to Yorkies. You should know the difference between the two sizes because the dog’s length of life may be dependent on how much they weigh. Overfeeding a dog because of its big size could also have health consequences, not to mention budget issues. That said, the calculated weight that I got from measuring a standard or average grown Yorkie has is about seven pounds.

Meanwhile, the weight of a Silky will reach about a total weight of around 8-12 pounds. It is even estimated to be around 14 pounds if you’ve recently just fed the dog. This is only an average weight. While the silky’s average proper weight has a range of about 12 pounds when it reaches maturity, you could still get Silky types that could weigh more.

In fact, you will reach a variety of weight for these dogs depending on where you got them. Some breeders are trained than others to make their Silky terriers or Yorkies biggers.


I also learned that the coat that Silky carries should be obviously silky. Its coat should not be rougher than the coat of a terrier. One way to check the coats of these two dogs is to try to move your hands over the coat of the dog and feel it. If you forget to remember the fact that a terrier is not silkier in texture than a silky when you’re trying to buy a dog, you’re putting yourself in trouble. You’re maybe buying the wrong dog. You could be barking at the wrong tree. No pun intended.

I learned that the huge and imperial coat of a Silky from the top of its head all the way down to its tail doesn’t have a plume. It may approximately even have a bit of rich volume than a terrier’s. You should consider this fact when you’re trying to get accurate calculation of determining which of the dogs you’re buying is not a terrier. Also, you should know that the Yorkie’s hair does not have any waviness and its coat seems to be considerably longer than the Silky.


Regarding color, you should learn that the two-colored coat of a Silky is usually tan and blue. A Yorky’s coat also maintains a blue shade layered with some tan, but the blue-tan combination you get from the silky could even be a silvery blue shade. You could also see a slate blue shade among Yorkies, based on AKC standards. You can see the deep tan on the face, feet and the anal area of the silky. You can see in the same areas the Yorkie’s colors, but they just come in a different shade.


You should also learn that Yorkies and Silkies are closely related. In fact, you may even say that the two are cousins. I almost got confused in my bet between these two dogs when I forgot to discount this fact. Even if these dogs are small, it’s not hard to see the terrier instinct in the Yorkie, which includes having an energy and feisty energy in them.

I learned that it pays to be safer and allocate extra allowance to margin of error when you’re trying to differentiate between a Yorkie and a Silky. I can even recommend for you to use a trusted guide that weighs in all these factors. A good guide you can find online should be able to tell you the history of Yorkies and Silky terriers. One historical fact about Silky Terriers is that they were developed in Australia around the 20th century. As a rule, you may also like to remember that a Silky Terrier has been a crossing between Yorkshire Terriers and Native Australian Terriers. This is more than enough information to carry when you’re looking for a dog, but at least you can appreciate how the dog was bred.

Important Tips When Picking Between A Yorkie and A Silky Terrier

If it’s your first time to own a dog, you should never forget to double check if the dog you picked is a Yorkie or a Silky terrier. You should always remember to do this before you can take the dog with you to say, the dog show. It’s also ideal to be extra careful and just check if you have enough certification and verified records of the breed of a dog. See if you’re about to run with falsified certifications or you’re about to pay a lot of money to certify the dog. Doing that would not only ensure you to save time but would also help ensure the dog’s health.

Never forget to double or triple check if the personality of the dog is right for you. This is not just for preference but also for the fact that getting the wrong dog may conflict yours. Knowing the right type means that you can always ensure that you’re always having fun with your dog type. This also means that you will never exceed your expectations. If you’re getting a Silky, you should expect to get an alert, smart but stubborn and vigilant watchdog with you. You can also expect them to be fun to be with during long walk.

It may also help you to know that a Silky terrier may be more agitated than usual if you’re not paying attention to them. If you’re not taken to overactive dogs, consider getting another type. In fact, because silky terriers don’t have the calm and relaxed personality that other dogs have, they’re perfect as active watchdogs for your house.

Summary and Conclusion

As a form of a reminder, consider this cheat sheet for differentiating between a silky terrier and a Yorkie: the size of the dog, the weight, and the colors in the dog’s different areas and their personality.

In this article, you also learned some of the essential information you need to make sure that you get the right dog with you. You also learned the lessons I gained from my research about these dogs. I hope you can use this as a reference to make sure that you don’t get confused between the two almost identical-looking dogs. With this article, you can also pick the right and certified pet that you and your family could enjoy.

Exploring lakes and the sea is fun when you have the right dog companion with you. With this guide, running with your Yorkie or a Silky Terrier will even be a more enjoyable experience. Call CT Breeder if you are looking for any of those puppies for sale – (203) 635-0322.

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