Allergic to Dogs? No Problem! Here Are Top 10 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

some dogs can cause allergy

A lot of people with allergies assume that owning a dog is just out of the question. Unfortunately, a dog’s fur, and even their skin or saliva, can trigger the allergies of a person with bad allergies. Fortunately, there are dogs that cater to people who suffer from severe allergies. Hypoallergenic dogs are dogs that shed very little and that are known to pose little to no risk to persons with allergies. While no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, there are breeds that come pretty close. These dogs shed very little and produce little dander, which is the primary cause of reactions in humans. If you or a loved one suffer from allergies, and if you want a pooch that won’t make your nose twitch every time it’s around, there is a puppy out there for you.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

As mentioned above, no dog is 100% hypoallergenic. Some people are just extremely prone to reactions, which a dog with short hair, little dander and all the qualities of an otherwise hypoallergenic dog may not be able to prevent. That said, if you or someone in your home is allergic to dogs, cats or any other furry critters, there are some steps you can take to reduce triggers and ensure a harmonious living arrangement for everyone.

  • Talk to your doctor about what, exactly, might cause your (or your loved one’s) particular reaction. Though a doctor won’t be able to tell for sure without witnessing the reactions first hand, they may be able to advise you on what to expect based on your medical records and even suggest medications to help control the reactions.
  • Visit with various dog breeds before adopting. You can never know for sure how you are going to react to a breed unless you interact with it yourself. Even then, before bringing a new dog or puppy home, interact with the dog you choose in particular, as that is the dog you’re going to be living with.
  • Be prepared to bathe your dog regularly. Even the most hypoallergenic dogs can cause reactions if dander and other irritants are allowed to accumulate. Prevent this from happening, and wash your dog with special shampoo at least once a week.
  • It’s hard to find a shelter dog that is hypoallergenic. That is not to say that they don’t exist; it’s just difficult to determine whether or not a mixed breed will cause a reaction without having the susceptible person interact with it first. If you want a shelter dog, talk to your doctor about whether or not it is safe for you to interact with multiple dogs at any given time.

Top 10 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Yorkshire Terrier

Purebred, tiny and loveable, the Yorkie has been named one of the top ten favorite dog breeds for the past three years. Though it has a long coat, it’s fur is more like hair, which is what makes it so friendly for people with allergies. The Yorkie is active and intelligent, and is ideal for older adults who live in small spaces. However, the Yorkie is not good with small children, tends to bark frequently, is skittish and requires excessive grooming. If you’re the type of person who considers themselves a “doggie parent,” the Yorkie might be the ideal dog for you.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Fries is affectionate, cheerful, playful, gentle and sensitive, all great qualities in a small dog. They shed very little but still require routine grooming in order to keep their fluffy fur nice and, well, fluffy. This breed is ideal for apartment living, but due to their highly adaptive nature, they can be happy just about anywhere, with just about anyone. Not only are these small dogs hypoallergenic, but also, they’re great with small children, friendly towards strangers and more than willing to welcome other dogs and cats into their life.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is active, intelligent and, and is another great small dog for people who suffer from allergies. Due to their small size, they are also another great dog for apartment life. Again, however, they are high maintenance and require excessive grooming to keep their coat in good shape. While the Shih Tau is both dog friendly and cat friendly, it is not very child friendly and nor is it friendly towards strangers. It also tends to bark frequently and is not very playful. However, it is moderately trainable, and with enough time and effort, can be trained to do what you want it to do.


Poodles of all sizes—including the labradoodle—are great dogs for people with allergies. Whether you opt for a larger version of the breed or a teacup sized-pooch, poodles come with minimal shedding. Moreover, the Poodle scored five stars in just about every category. Active, intelligent, highly trainable, alert and faithful, this breed has just about every characteristic dog owners look for in a new dog. They’re perfect for apartment living and suburbia alike, and are great with adults, children and other animals. Their only pitfalls tend to be their barking tendencies and their grooming needs. They’re excitable pets and are known to bark at just about anything (which they can be trained not to do), and they require excessive grooming to keep their coat nice.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Intelligent, vivacious and up for just about anything, the Kerry Blue Terrier is truly an all-purpose dog. Best of all, they’re hypoallergenic. However, their coat is high maintenance and requires daily brushing and shampooing every four to six weeks. The shape of the coat must be maintained with monthly scissoring to prevent mats and knots from building up. That said, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a great watchdog, easily trainable and great with children. It is moderately friendly with strangers, which is just what any person wants in a pooch, and it is easily adaptable. However, this breed does not play well with other cats or dogs, so if you have other furry friends at home, you may want to reconsider adopting a dog of this breed.

Afghan Hound

Large, beautiful, independent and dignified, this is one the most regal dog breeds there is. Despite its long coat, it is an allergy-friendly dog, ideal for individuals who want a purebred, large dog that they can keep in the house and not worry about an attack. Though they are only moderately intelligent and difficult to train, they are lovable and loyal, and friendly with adults and children alike. They aren’t fond of cats, but they can be trained to get along with other dogs. They are playful and need plenty of exercise. They don’t bark much, making them great for apartment living but not so great at being guard dogs. They are high maintenance and need to be groomed for one or two hours at a time each week.

Giant Schnauzer

Loveable, trainable and loyal, the Giant Schnauzer is the perfect dog for young couples and elderly individuals alike. Their long coat does require regular grooming, but it is hypoallergenic, hence the reason the breed made the list. The breed scored high in terms of trainability, intelligence, playfulness and watchdog, but low when it came to stranger-friendly, child-friendly and cat- and dog-friendly. They are not suitable for apartment life either, as they require plenty of space to run around and play freely.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Also known as “the poor man’s terrier,” the Wheaten Terrier originated in Ireland and was the all-around farm-dog for poor tenant farmers. Despite its old nickname, however, this pooch has a rich, luscious coat that is soft, silky and wheat colored (hence its name). It’s hypoallergenic, friendly and devoted, making it the ideal family dog. However, the breed can also be stubborn and require extensive training, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering it’s an easily trainable and highly intelligent breed. This breed is child friendly, dog friendly and friendly towards strangers. However, it doesn’t get along too well with cats.

Bedlington Terrier

Child friendly, dog friendly, intelligent, easily trainable and hypoallergenic, this pooch is ideal for families of all sizes. Bring him home to your apartment and he’ll be happy as a clam, or introduce him to your two-story home in the suburbs with ease. His adaptability means he’ll be happy just about anywhere. This breed is moderately playful and requires moderate exercise, ideal for families on the go who only have time at the beginning and end of their days for walks and jaunts in the park. A dog of this breed can also be trained to get along with your feline friends, if you have any.

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog was actually the breed of choice for the last U.S. President, who happened to be allergic to dogs himself. Brave, docile, intelligent and obedient, this dog truly is the perfect White House—and any house—pooch. They are highly adaptable, only bark when necessary, and are child, dog and cat friendly. They are playful, highly trainable and make great dogs. Best of all, they require only moderate grooming, which is unusual for hypoallergenic dog breeds. Dogs of this breed do need daily mental and physical stimulation, so be prepared to stay active if you adopt one of them!

If you’re allergic to dogs, you’re not out of luck. There are plenty of dog breeds out there for people just like you! At CT Breeder, we sell plenty of dog breeds that are known to be hypoallergenic and we want to help you find the ideal four-legged friend for your health needs. If you want a dog that won’t trigger your allergies, schedule a visit with our team (and a meet and greet with our canines) today!

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