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One of the most beloved breeds in the United States, the German Shepherd dog offers the obedience and protection that you won’t find in any other breed. Used as police dogs and family dogs alike, this popular mix is renowned for their courage, loyalty, and intelligence. If you want to find the right pure bred puppy for your family, look no further than the shepherd puppies at CT Breeder.


Is a German Shepherd Puppy Right for You?

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German Shepherds are not only loving and loyal to their owners, but also, they’re extremely intelligent and highly trainable. Though they love to play, they were bred to be working dogs and thus thrive off of having a job to do. Throughout history, the German Shepherd has been used in the Military, on police forces, as guide dogs for the blind, and even for herding livestock. In recent years, the breed has become the go-to family dog as they’re easy-going, playful, and approachable; however German Shepherds can be strong and protective when threatened, making them excellent watchdogs.


If you’re interested in adopting a German Shepherd puppy, only consider doing so if you have the time and patience to properly train him. Though he may embody some of the best canine characteristics, he is not for everyone. He needs a family that is willing to put up with his high-energy and need for constant activity. You will find that your new puppy will need a lot of exercise in order to stave off the boredom this breed commonly experiences, and therefore nix excessive barking and chewing before it becomes a habit.

Additionally, this breed is not one for being left alone. When left by himself for long periods of time, he may become bored and frustrated, and act out in ways that may try your patience, such as chewing up your shoes or barking incessantly.

Though a great watchdog, the breed is oftentimes suspicious of those outside of his family. He requires extensive training and early socialization in order to become the socialable, well-rounded dog that you envisioned. Don’t be discouraged when, in his puppyhood, he is weary of visitors and makes them feel unwelcomed; with constant exposure to many different situations, people, and places, he will learn to control his protective nature around invited guests.


Caring for Your Adopted Shepherd Puppy

close from the back german shepherdGerman Shepherds were bred to herd livestock all day, so naturally they have a lot of energy. Built for constant action, your puppy will need to be walked several times a day; if you have an area to do so, it is best to let her run around, unleashed. Taking her to the dog park or a dog beach would be ideal, as they get both socialization and exercise in one helping. Exercising your puppy properly will ensure that he or she does not chew, dig, or bark, activities that tend to turn off most dog owners.

German Shepherd dogs like to chew. However, if they pick the wrong thing to chew on, they can damage their teeth, consume something that makes them sick, or even choke. Protect your puppy’s health and save your belongings by buying chew toys specifically designed for their breed.

Though the German Shepherd is generally a healthy dog, they are prone to certain health conditions, including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, gastric dilatation-volvulus (bloating, which can be life threatening), degenerative myelopathy, and allergies. To ensure the best health for your puppy, feed them the recommended amount of food a day, make sure they are getting all of the recommended nutrients, and exercise them properly.

It is never okay to feed your dog one large bowl a day; rather, it is recommended to feed your shepherd 3-4 four cups a day, divided into two meals. Obviously, how much and what you feed them all depends on your dog’s size, age, build, metabolism, and energy level.

When in his puppy stages, it is imperative that you feed and exercise him according to your vet’s directions. Shepherds tend to grow quickly during their first year, making them prone to bone disorders. A well-balanced diet will help them grow at a steady pace.

Finally, your puppy’s joints won’t be fully developed until he is at least two years old. Until then, do not allow him to run, jump, or play on hard surfaces.


Training Your German Shepherd


black dog german shepherdIn order to ensure the most harmonious life with your German Shepherd, consistent training is key. Always reward positive behaviors, and take measures to extinguish negative ones before they become a habit.

Some things to consider include:

  • Consistently reward positive behaviors with praise.
  • Try to give a command only once, but feel free to repeat if he doesn’t pick up on it right away.
  • Always be nice to your puppy when he returns to you, even if he’s been cavorting throughout the neighborhood all day.
  • Always use your dog’s name to get his attention.
  • When giving a command, don’t yell – use your normal tone of voice.
  • Keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated, but keep it fun.
  • Be consistent in your expectations.
  • Make sure he is well socialized.
  • Give your pup plenty of love and care.


What NOT To Do With Your Shepherd Dog

Whether you adopt a month old German Shepherd or a year old one, there are specific behaviors on your part that can severely disrupt her learning. To ensure the best upbringing for your new German Shepherd (and for the best relationship with her), refrain from doing the following:

  • Do not scare your dog or do anything she can perceive as “unpleasant.”
  • Do not nag your dog if they don’t pick up on a command right away.
  • Do not yell at your dog.
  • Do not expect her to know what “no” means.
  • Do not lock your dog up or put her outside because you have not trained her how to properly behave.
  • Do not isolate your dog.
  • Do not expect her to know commands you haven’t taught her yet.
  • Do not reward bad behaviors.
  • Do not neglect, shame, or blame your dog.
  • Do not give up on her.

Properly training your shepherd will ensure a peaceful and fulfilling life with her new family.

If you want to adopt a German Shepherd but do not feel confident in your training abilities, our experienced and talented trainers at CTBreeder are known for utilizing the best training practices that are breed specific. If you buy a puppy from our new litter, you will get lifetime dog training guaranteed to ensure a lasting bond with your new pup.


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