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Golden Retriever puppy for sale
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If you live in Connecticut and you are looking for the perfect dog to be your pet, the Golden Retriever
is an easy recommendation. They remain as one of the most popular dog breeds not just in CT, but in the entire country due to a number of reasons.

Why People Love Golden Retrievers

There has to be a good reason why people from CT and all over the country are looking for purebred Golden Retrievers. The simplest reasons are because:


  • They are very cheerful – golden retrievers have a face that always looks happy and cheerful, but it’s not just for show. The breed is known to be expressive and trustworthy, making them suitable as family dogs despite being a slightly large breed. Their bark is also more welcoming than threatening.
  • Very Responsive to Training – this breed is naturally receptive to training, which means it’s a lot easier to have as a pet compared to breeds that are stubborn or have a violent streak. This is a huge advantage over other dogs, because you don’t need to find a trained one. You can get any golden retriever and just enroll him in our obedience classes.
  • Large and athletic – their large build and boundless energy make them ideal companions to people who want a dog to play around with and accompany on walks.
  • Friendly to other animals – if you have other pet dogs and other pet animals, a golden retriever will not be too much trouble as they can coexist with other pets, and will take kindly to other animals and young kids.

Different Colors of Golden Retrievers

People who want to buy a golden retriever will be able to choose between different colors of coat. The most common ones are English cream, but there are also red (light or dark), Irish cream, white, brown, mahogany, and dark colored.

Their coat will also come in different types. You will find retrievers who have a short hair, ones that have long hair, and many who have fluffy coats, making them look extremely cute and huggable (not to mention much larger than they really are.)

Types of Golden Retrievers

There are different types of golden retrievers. Their common traits tend to be their large, strong bodies and dense, wavy coat. But they have a long history of pedigree breeding and so have been segmented into different regional variations. There are three common types, each with their own distinctive characteristics.


Golden Retriever

This type is very common throughout Europe, particularly in Austria. Out of the three major types of the breed, the British ones are the biggest because they have been bred to have broader skulls and more balanced, muscular bodies. Out of all the three major types, the British Golden Retrievers are the closest to their origins as hunting and gun dogs because of their large musculature and great endurance.


American type Retriever

This type is leaner and less muscular than the other types, with coat that take on much darker colors that feather really well. The American golden retrievers are well sought because of their distinct walking patterns, which tend to take on a free, smooth, and powerful trot due to the fact that their feet have a tendency to converge towards the center of their line of balance.


Canadian type Retriever

The Canadian type is much taller than the other types, but doesn’t look as imposing due to its thinner coat. While they tend to be of the same size as Canadian types, they tend to look taller due to their leaner musculature and straighter stance, not to mention the coat that tends to hug the body better.

Considerations for Owning a Golden Retriever

Owning a dog is a big responsibility, and is not something that should be taken as lightly as one would when it comes to buying an appliance or a toy. Golden retrievers are very loyal, loving, and fun to be around, but they have specific needs and quirks that you need to consider before buying one.

You Need to Have the Room

If you live in a small shack with narrow spaces and lots of tight corners to bump into, you may want to think twice because goldens are medium to large-sized dogs that can have as much as 24 inches at the shoulder and could grow as heavy as 75 pounds. They have very active tails that can easily sweep cups or vases off tables when excited. You will have to ensure that your house is uncluttered if you want a golden in your life.

You Have to Be Physically Active as Well

These dogs were originally bred for hunting and sports, so they tend to have a lot of stamina and will require at least 20 to 30 minutes of consistent exercise daily. If you don’t plan on playing with your dog or at least taking him for brisk walks daily, you may have difficulties with owning a golden (or you could end up with an unhappy dog.)

You Have to Be “There.”

Golden Retrievers are a very sociable breed and can develop a strong attachment to their owners. They are susceptible to depression and separation anxiety if left alone all day, so make sure you are able to make yourself (or a family member) present for her at least every 5 hours.

Hide Your Shoes

Goldens are excessively playful, and they have been bred to carry things with their mouth. This results in a breed that will chew on just about anything that they can clamp their mouths to – shoes being the most common. So if you are planning to own a Golden, you have to keep your shoes, telephones, game consoles, pillows, toys out of reach. There are training classes that can help minimize the behavior, but the key word here being “minimize,” not “get rid of.” You can’t deny a dog its natural instinct. Alternatively, you can buy your dog a chew toy or a bully stick, but be ready because they’ll go through the stuff real fast.

Neutering Can Pose Health Risks to a Golden

Experts at the University of California have conducted research that point to neutering having negative effects on the health of a Golden Retriever. Some of the likely complications include increased risk of getting joint disorders and cancer. So if you want a golden and want to prevent it from breeding, you have to consider alternative methods such as tubal ligation or vasectomy.

Health Risks for Goldens

As with most large breeds, there are specific health concerns that you need to be wary of. They are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as eye disorders. So make sure to be ready for regular visits to the vet in order to keep your golden’s health in tip-top shape.

They Are Not Meant to Be Guard Dogs

Don’t be fooled by the large size. Goldens are too nice to be guard dogs. They may growl and bark protectively, but an intruder has a chance of pacifying them because they are just that nice.

Really Good Reasons to Own a Goldie

Playing with Goldie puppy on the grassDespite the somewhat lengthy, detailed list of concerns above, a golden retriever is still one of the most recommended dog breeds for Connecticut families due to a number of reasons:

  • Safe Around Kids – The part about not being aggressive enough to be a guard dog? It turns out that’s a really good thing because it makes golden retrievers ideal pets for teenagers and kids. You won’t have to worry about the dog being suddenly aggressive to your kids. Bear in mind that really small kids, such as toddlers and babies should not be left alone with that dog, because golden retrievers may be too playful and too strong – but that’s pretty much a given. Kids that young are never to be left alone, dog or no dog.
  • Perpetually Clingy – this type of dog is perfect for people who want something to hug and cuddle with regularly. They are eternal puppies who will always love to run to your arms and greet you with a hug.
  • They’re Very Sociable Among Visitors and Other Animals – if you have a golden, you don’t have to worry about inviting guests over or adding more pets to your home. They can adapt well to the presence of other people and animals, including cats, rabbits, and other animals that normally pick fights with dogs.
  • Very Smart – they are not going to help you do taxes anytime soon, but as far as dogs are concerned golden retrievers are very smart. Being bred to hunt and retrieve, they can be easily trained to do basic dog-related tasks and tricks. They can be trained to serve as companions to limited-ability pet owners.

Is a Golden Retriever the Right Dog for You?

It should be easy to know if a Golden Retriever will find a place in your home, based on the pros and cons outlined above. One important thing to remember is that all dogs, regardless of breed, will require attention, care, and love from their owner. If you can provide those, then the rest will naturally follow and you should be able to spend many exciting years with your pet.