Doberman Puppies for Sale

A Doberman puppy for sale in CTBuy a cute puppy in CT. Call 203-48-757-18Have you ever seen a Doberman Pinscher? A Doberman Pinscher looks menacing and frightening, especially if you meet him in the dark or in some unfamiliar place.  More so if you are afraid of dogs. But, they might look mean, but don’t let that fool you: Dobe is one of the most lovable dogs you can get. Should you decide to get a Doberman Pinscher puppy, it would be wise to get one from CT Breeder.

The comprehensive article below will tell you every essential thing you need to know about taking care of a Doberman Pinscher, and more.

Owning a Dobe

The Doberman Pinscher is a first-rate dog. If you are security conscious and a dog lover, then, owning a Doberman is your best option if you want to feel protected.  They have a history of being good guard dogs. For one, they respond highly to training. Meaning, they can be trained to suit your needs.

Proper training for both the owner and pet is highly important. This will prevent any untoward and unwelcome incidents in the process of raising such dog. If you need them to be trained, you may need a professional to do the training. Never make the mistake of owning a Doberman without the benefit of proper training. Most police forces and security units have Doberman Pinschers precisely because they have the proper training to do so. Individual homes or citizens may own one, provided they get the proper training and orientation for handling such unique,elegant and loyal pets.

Knowing the origins of such dogs, you can better understand why most people prefer to own a Doberman Pinscher. That said, here are some important trivia that you would find interesting about such dogs:

Doberman Pinscher is giving his paw to a womanIn the United States, Dobermans and Doberman Pinscher are the names used for the same breed of dog. Like the German Shepherd, the Doberman Pinscher came from Germany. It was named after the man who originally bred the animals, a guy named Louis Dobermann. Incidentally, Louis Dobermann was a tax collector. Now you understand why he needed a Doberman Pinscher.  Primarily, for protection. Secondarily, for companionship. Throughout history, they prove to be tough and reliable.

Aware of his need for a tough guard dog, Louis produced a dog that will make a loyal companion. And an excellent watchdog, too. Louis then was able to breed a fiercely loyal and good companion. The breed remained and survived up to the 21st century. Hence, the Doberman grew to become one of the most popular and well sought-after breed all over the world.

The Ancestors

The Pinschers’ heritage is as varied as the dogs Louis Dobermann had in his dog compound. Its ancestors are the Rottweiler, the German Pinscher, and the Manchester Terrier. These are just a few of the Doberman Pinschers’ ancestors, giving them a unique and varied ancestry. Very unique but an easy-to-identify breed. Considering that they come from a very mixed ancestry.

The Essentials of Maintenance

Doberman Pinschers love to eat meat. But to remain healthy, they should also be fed nutritious foods like dog food and vegetables. Through the centuries, these dogs have become more domesticated and intelligent, too.  They have become more adapted to a regular family life.
As guard dogs, they need to be trained. But once trained, they become totally obedient. Nevertheless, they need careful handling. And a good amount of training, as well, for both the handler and the dog, too.

DobermanSecondly, Dobers are bred to guard and protect. Hence, they tend to become warlike. But over the years, they have mellowed down. They have become quite domesticated. And thus, more suited to the demands of a regular home life.  It is then the responsibility of the pet owner to train his pet in more ways than one.

Doberman Pinschers have been recognized as one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. But they also make good house pets, if properly trained. In fact, if what you’re going to train is a Warlock Doberman, then so much the better. A warlock doberman is usually above average in size, which originated in 1970s when there was an increased demand for larger dogs that could help abate the crime rate. The breeders of such Warlock Dobermans mated Dobens with Great Danes and Rottweilers to create a more powerful dog. Unfortunately, breeding such dogs could create health issues for the dog.

Health Issues

Like other large dogs, Doberman Pinschers have health problems common to large dogs. They are more prone to a bleeding disorder, but they’re detectable and easily treated. They also have problems with hip dysplasia. A frequent cause of death among Dobes is dilated cardiomyopathy. This is more common in Doberman Pinschers than in any other kind of breed. Interestingly, there’s about ten to fourteen years in the usual life expectancy of Doberman Pinschers.

Doberman Pinschers tend to be large and thin, too. Nevertheless, they need regular exercise to achieve proper weight and a proper state of mind. This is necessary to maintain them as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog to date.

The American Kennel Club is also impressed with the Doberman Pinscher because they look elegant and show nobility in action and behavior. The AKC reiterates what is known about Doberman Pinschers: that they are indeed good friends and guardians.

These dogs are also innately intelligent. They respond highly to training. Because of these qualities, they are in demand as police dogs and war dogs. If you take care and handle them properly, you can be sure that they will also become loyal as a friend and protector. In addition, Doberman Pinschers have short and easy to maintain coat. This is indeed a positive trait in keeping Dobes as pets.

Getting a Doberman Puppy!

Doberman Pinscher puppies are cute to look at. But you would be surprised because in no time at all, they can grow quite large. From being a puppy, until it becomes a full regular adult, a Dobe Pinscher is a joy to keep.

You also could use a  Doberman Pinscher to guard your house night and day. You can just leave your door open knowing that your Doberman Pinscher is sitting lazily at the door. But make no mistake, any unwanted stranger will likely experience the shock of his life facing this fiercely loyal and protector.

That said, why not visit CT Breeder now and buy a Doberman Pinscher puppy? When the puppy grows to adulthood, it can be your good friend, good companion, and your good guard as well.

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